Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The National...NSCC2017..

The 38th annual National Sports Collectors Convention is now over, and after 38 years, I finally attend the event.

I only attended one day, which for a first timer was good.  My main goal was to have the experience of attending.  Just look around and see all the great cards and autograph guests that were there.
And of coarse, people watching.

WOW!!! I can not recall seeing so many sports cards / memoribla all in one place.  I have been to a lot of local card shows, and a few larger ones over my 45+ years of collecting, but nothing like the NSCC.

The first case I peered into, I saw this ---

NICE!!! Maybe one day,  after I win the lottery.

I strolled around for a few hours, soaking up as much as I could.  Looking at the smallest of dealers to the name brand corporate company booths.

Man, there are a lot of cards out there.  There is literally something for everyone, from the 10 cent boxes (lots of them) to the $$$$$$$$$, and everything in between.

Finally I made my first purchase ---

1958 Topps Yogi Berra
Its a little dirty, corners and edges are pretty decent, and color is great.  Can't believe this is my first Vintage Berra!

Than, at one of the many dollar boxes ----

I picked these up.
   Bowman Rookie card of Sano / 2017 Heritage Harper
  2014 Heritage purple refractor Giancarlo Stanton / 1975 Topps buyback Topps 75th stamped on it Rich Auerbach / 2011 Marquee Sandy Koufax

Added 2 to my '52 collection ---

Now I'm up to 12% complete!!!  (49 out of 407)  whoo hoo!!!

Than at Dave and Adams I purchased this ---

2015 Panini Elite 

These are the hits ---

Collegiate Elite Jacoby Ellsbury / Gold Stars Nelson Cruz / 21st Century 183/199 Matt Carpenter / All Star Salutes Paul Goldschmidt / Members Only game used material Brian McCann

The last purchase I made I will talk about in another entry.  Stay Tuned!!

Overall, I will grade my day a solid A.

Will I go again? ABSOLUTELY !!!!  Maybe the next time its back in Chicago, or if I'm really lucky, they might have it in Minneapolis, after 2020.
I would definitely due more than 1 day next time.   That way you can get a break from cards and do something different later in the afternoon, than go back the next day, for more cards and autographs.

If you ever get a chance to attend, do it.  Especially if you have kids that are in the hobby with you.  (Both of mine have stopped, for now. Wish I would have taken them when they were younger and collecting.)

One last item ---  REMEMBER -- Saturday August 12th is Topps National Trading Card Day, so get to your local card shop for free packs, if they participate in this event.
        click here to read more about it.

Keep On Collecting !!


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  1. LOL... at first glance I thought the Mantle was $140 and said "That can't be right, can it?"... then I took another look and realized that it was a comma between the 140 and the zeroes.

    That's a nice-looking Yogi!