Monday, October 22, 2018

2 more 52's - 13% complete !!

I was able to attend this past months local card show, and picked up these 2 beauties--

1952 Topps  Dodgers Johnny "Bear Tracks" Schmitz and Cubs Joe Hatten.  This puts me at 13% complete!!

What I found interesting about these two, after reading the backs of the cards, they were both involved in the same trade in 1951.

June 15 1951 the Cubs traded Johnny Schmitz along with Andy Pafko, Wayne Terwilliger, and Rube Walker   to the Dodgers for Joe Hatten along with Bruce Edwards, Eddie Miksis, and Gene Hermanski.

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Thursday, August 9, 2018

My Dollar Store Adventure...

Recently went to a Dollar Store for miscellaneous items, and near the register were these.. 

2018 Donruss
I only picked up 4 packs ...( I like the Panini product, but hard for me to buy because they are not MLB licensed and hard for me to look at blank uniforms/hats etc) .. but for $1, even I can't pass a few up.  (they come 4 cards to a pack)

Here is what was inside:
     84 Retro  Kershaw , Judge, Joe Morgan, and Braun.
     Regular cards including Stanton and Jim Palmer.
     Atlanta Aces Maddux and Glavine
     Tigers Dual Player card Cabrera and Castellanos

Might have to go back for more???

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

50% off part 2 ---

Just Collect had another 50% off sale.

This time I went to my Packers want list.

Here is what I got ----  1959 Topps

1959 Topps #129 Ollie Spencer RC - EX-MT *089-328

1959 Topps #95 Lew Carpenter RC - EX-MT *096-309

1959 Topps #162 Dan Currie RC - NM *101-515

centering is off a little, but other than that, nice looking cards for little money.

Go Pack Go !!!


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Friday, June 22, 2018

Hobby Box -- Yeah !!!!!

For my birthday, back in February, my wife had purchased a hobby box of 2018 Topps series 2.  Not realizing that it was a pre-sell, she could not figure out why it was not arriving.  On my actual birthday, she advised me about the purchase.  I than told her it had to be a pre-sell because series 2 comes out in June.  With that info she was relieved, because she thought she might have been taken.
I received my package a few days before Fathers Day.  YEAH!!

Along with the hobby box, I was also sent the bonus silver pack of chrome cards.

Here are the contents....

1983 style anniversary cards.
   -   JD Davis   Astros  RC
  -  Gary Sanchez  Yankees
  -  Cory Seager  blue boarder Dodgers
  -  Shohei Ohtani Angels RC  -- putting this one away until 2020 when he comes back from TJ surgery.

Except for the Ohtani card, the others are for sale or trade.

After I open the other packs from the box, I will post what I had pulled.


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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Love 50% off....

Just Collect, Inc just had a 50% off sale at their eBay store, and I took a little advantage of it.

My 1952 Topps set is now up to 12.8% complete.  Yeah !!!

Here is what I got....

1952 Topps #230 Matt Batts - VG *060-688

1952 Topps #61 Tookie Gilbert - GOOD *067-793
Harold "Tookie" Gilbert  
who could pass on a guy name Tookie

1952 Topps #60 Sid Hudson - GOOD *067-792
Sid Hudson

I also picked up an item for the Twins collection..

1964 Harmon Killebrew



Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blog Bat Around.....

Yeah, I know ...  day late and a dollar short on writing blogs.  But here I sit looking out at old man winter on April 14th ... yuckie !!!  should be close to 60 degrees at this point... Twins were snowed out !!!

included Yahoo article for proof of date
So here we go with my version of ...( started by Night Owl Cards with link to the epilogue..)

What I Collect and Continuous Projects

1.   The Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy Card subset.

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

      I have collected all cards from the regular issued Topps and Heritage sets from 1960 to the present.
      You can see my CARD LIST HERE at TTCD.  (still updating that list)

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

  Also trying to collect the different variations Topps put out there, but some are $$$$$.

2. Kansas City Royals

   I lived in KC from '68 to '77, and have been a Royals fan since they started in 1969.

Image result for kc royals topps

Image result for kc royals topps

  Continuously looking for oddball cards.  Have most of the regular issue from '69 to '90 -all makes.
 Still working on all the newer cards.  Looking for the inserts and autos from various years and sets.

3.  Green Bay Packers

Image result for green bay packers

 4. Vintage
  Who doesn't do vintage.

Image result for 1933 goudey

                  Just a sampling.

5. Various oddities and subsets..
     Just a few listings  ..  click on them to see what I have ..
            1964 Topps Giants
            1989 Baseball Talk/LJN
            1994 SP Holoview Blue
            2013 Topps Archives 1972 Basketball Design
            2017 Topps Five Tool

   plus many others.

6. Like most true colletors - I collect everything that appeals to me. 

  You can visit me at The Trading Card Database for more of my collection.

Thanks for reading and



Sunday, January 14, 2018

Coming Soon To A Field Near You ....

With it being -10 right now, and over half the country frozen,  its hard to believe ..


We are now only 30 days away from SPRING TRAINING !!!!!!
Countdown is based on a February 14 opening date, as posted by MLB.

Image result for spring training

Image result for kc royals spring training

YES !!!!!!!

Keep On Collecting !!