Tuesday, July 5, 2016

PTA Week 2016 - pass it on (contest)

No Marcus ( all the way to the backstop ) ,  not the Parent Teacher Association ---

Gavin over at Baseball Card Break Down wrote a great blog about...

It's Pull-Tab Awareness Week! When you use tape around sports cards, fold a piece near the end as a handy pull-tab.

Gavin is also have a contest to celebrate Pull Tab Awareness week.
Thanks Gavin for great blog article.

Keep On Collecting !!

Jeff S.

Monday, June 20, 2016

NEW Old Holoview Collection

A few months ago, I had found some Card Time for myself, and was sorting through a box of miscellaneous cards.  I don't recall why, was I sorting them or just looking to see what was in there.
Here is one card I found:

COOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!  How did I miss collecting this sub set?

It is the 1994 SP Holoview FX sub set.
The cards are highlighted with a 3D player hologram at the bottom of the card.
As you move the card, the hologram head moves and changes facial expressions.

There are 38 cards and were inserted 1:5 packs of 1994 SP Baseball. 
Also comes as a Die Cut RED parallel version that was printed inserted 1:75 packs.

I'm only collecting the regular blue version of the sub-set.

The checklist includes Alex Rodriguez RC , Ripken, Griffey Jr,  and Gwynn.
Micheal Jordan is also in the set,  since he was in the midst of his attempt at baseball.

I than proceeded to search through other boxes to see if I had others.  NONE !!
Since than I have acquired a few more cards, but still missing just under half of the set -- including the higher valued cards of Rodriguez, Ripken, and Jordan.

Here is a link to my  NEED LIST   for this set.

Here is a link to the  complete checklist  for the set.

This was a big error on my part during the collecting years of the mid 90's.
It is one of those  - could have, should have, would have moments.
The collecting goes on.

Baseball Words of Thought....
Manger HUGH JENNINGS (Tigers mgr 1907 -1920) once said --- "If he's played that many games without an error, he isn't going after the hard ones.  The fellow who never makes a mistake is the fellow who never does anything"  --  after being told of a minor-league prospect had played 87 straight errorless games.



Sunday, June 19, 2016


(YES I'm still here.  Though I still try to keep up with the readings of the other blogs, I've been terrible at writing on my own.  Hoping to get back at it a little more.)


Keep On Collecting !!

Jeff S.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

2015 Topps MLB All-Star Rookie Team

Here is the full list of the 2015 Topps MLB All-Star Rookie Team:

C - J.T. Realmuto, Miami Marlins
1B - Justin Bour, Miami Marlins
2B - Addison Russell, Chicago Cubs
3B - Kris Bryant, Chicago Cubs
SS - Carlos Correa, Houston Astros
OF - Kyle Schwarber, Chicago Cubs
OF - Randal Grichuk, St. Louis Cardinals
OF - Michael Conforto, New York Mets
LHP - Carlos Rodon, Chicago White Sox
RHP - Noah Syndergaard, New York Mets
RP - Roberto Osuna, Toronto Blue Jays
DH - Miguel Sano, Minnesota Twins

The rookie cup will be on their 2016 Topps Cards!

Keep On Collecting !!


Monday, October 5, 2015

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Long Time Ago, In a Blog-o-sphere Far, Far Away...

JediJeff from 2X3 Heroes had a Tis The Season give-away.  He had lots of great cards to choose from.  A few of the cards that I would have liked to have were already spoken for.  But this card was not.....

2012 Topps Series 2 Historical Stitches :  WARREN SPAHN  -  Milwaukee Braves

NICE !!!!

Well ...   JediJeff became frozen in carbonite!!

After escaping, he had a lot of cards to get out.  After going through his Millennium Falcon rolodex, he did not have my address.  So he sent an email requesting it.  That is when I had remembered that I had put in for one of the cards given away. 
He than X-Winged it to me, along with the following in a PWE ....
A couple Hall Of Famers from the Royals and Twins
George Brett and Harmon Killebrew !!!
I love what Panini is doing, but I can not bring myself to buying a lot of their product because of the licensing deal.  It just doesn't look right without the team logos.  Maybe one day.... 

He also sent some Royal cards..  Once again, Love the Bo Jackson and Alex Gordon cards, but no team logo.
The Billy Butler Gypsy Queen card, and the Purple Bowman Prospects Hunter Dozier were needed cards.  

Also included were some Twins.
The 2015 Diamond Kings from Panini is awesome, (but again no logos) but I might have to break down and get the DKs.  Would go great with my DKs from the 80's and 90's Donruss. 
Thanks again to JediJeff for the give-away and the great PWE!!!
A PWE will be on its way to you in the future  JediJeff.
May The Force Be With You!!!!
(can't wait for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens to come out in December)
Keep On Collecting

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Christ has risen .....  HAPPY EASTER !!

Opening Day is here ...

First Game...

Cardinals vs Cubs ........................  my prediction  CUBS WIN CUBS WIN

Not a  big Cubs fan , but they should make an exciting run for the playoffs.

My team, The Royals, signed their Ace Pitcher Ventura for 5 more years.  YEAH!!!
I think they should make the playoffs again.  World Series ????  Hoping.
The Indians will be a new hurtle in the central.  Not really worried about the rest.

Keep On Collecting !!