Sunday, December 1, 2019

Grademaster Card Centering Tool .....

I had been looking for an easy way to determine centering on cards.  Yup, used a ruler, nope on the sewer's Omnigrid.  Wanted something really simple.  While trolling google, I found this link to a Blowout Cards Blog story about this centering tool.  Here is the link...

The creator is Nick Schultz, and here is his eBay listing, if you are interested in getting one...

 eBay Grademaster Card Centering Tool

(FYI:  I do not know Nick; I bought mine from his eBay listing; Not promoting his item and not receiving gratuities.  Just providing info on an item I thought other collectors might be interested in.) 

Here is what you get...

The centering tool, instructions, and percentages card.

I love it.  Really easy to use. 

Here is a youtube video I found on using it.  (this helped me to determine to buy one)

(not promoting this youtube site,  Just the information he is providing)

Hope this helps anyone looking for a better way to determine the centering of your cards.

Thanks for reading.

Keep On Collecting !!