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Here you can search for cards I have posted for sale, either vintage or modern.   I will be adding / updating as time permits.  My listings are FIXED PRICE with BEST OFFER OPTION on most listings.  All reasonable offers / trades considered. You will be able to complete the purchase through that site. Registration is FREE.
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(1981 - PRESENT)
With over 900,000+ cards available (mostly baseball), it is hard to list all cards individually.
Here are the links to my Card Inventory: (Both Vintage and Modern)

Football Card Inventory for Sale / Trade

Basketball Card Inventory for Sale / Trade

Hockey Card Inventory for Sale / Trade
(none listed here yet.  Few listed at my store)

As time permits, more will be added.  If you don't see what your looking for, send me an email.

Inventory maintained at The Trading Card Database, and photos provided there are NOT my actual photos.  I can provide actual photo upon request.

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