Friday, February 26, 2021

Big Improvement to the display cabinet...

 Made a big improvement to my display cabinet..



Controlled by this...

Items can now be seen !

The Baseball Card Room is slowly coming together. 

Thanks for looking...

Keep On Collecting !!


Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mail Day !!!!!

 Got home from work and here is what I found in the mail...

FREE ( we all like free )  from Topps, they sent me a Mike Trout promo card.  I can use the promo code on the back to get 2021 Topps Now Road to Opening Day team set.  Wait and see how they look and maybe get the Royals.

Also found this at my front door.....also from Topps...

My 2021 Hobby box ....... YEAH!!!!🙌

To this date, I have yet to find any retail at any store in my area.  🙎

Hopefully soon!  I would like to open some retail before breaking into the hobby box.

Need to start looking for the Rookie Trophy Cup cards for my collection.

Thanks For Looking

Keep On Collecting !!


Saturday, February 13, 2021

My Project 2020 and Topps Project 2020 (Update)

 My Project 2020 was started in April and construction finished in June of 2020. 

"The Baseball Card Room" 

The beginning...


Construction finished.....

Desk / work area and Royals Corner....

Packers corner on top of storage / display cabinet.  The Autograph wall! 
Harmon Killebrew auto jersey and George Brett auto jersey along with their rookie cards.

Storage closet...

My 1987 Technics stereo system with albums on bottom and CDs on the side..

The room is storing a few extra items right now, as my wife has me working on my project 2021..

Remodeling the family room !!!

Still working on what to set out on display and reorganization of The Baseball Card Room as time permits.


George Brett....

43 George Brett PR2360 / 75 George Brett PR5638 / 102 George Brett PR10757 / 112 George Brett PR6558 / 175 George Brett PR3278 / 192 George Brett PR3851 / 212 George Brett PR3002 / 271 George Brett PR4245 / 286 George Brett PR2272 / 313 George Brett PR2495 / 344 George Brett PR1705 / 375 George Brett PR1890
Eventually I might add the other 8 that are missing.

Other Project 2020 cards in my collection..

 90 Ted Williams PR41407 / 103 Roberto Clemente PR11577 / 100 Mike Trout PR74862

and the 97 Mark McGwire PR 19894 and 120 Ichiro Suzuki PR8333 were added to my Rookie Cup Collection.  ( I believe these were the only two that had the cup even though the actual card did not have the cup on them. )

I also have card 78 Roberto Clemente PR8610 by Oldmanalan coming soon.  

Others ???  maybe someday.

Thanks for reading...

Keep On Collecting !!