Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Mail Day !!!!!

 Got home from work and here is what I found in the mail...

FREE ( we all like free )  from Topps, they sent me a Mike Trout promo card.  I can use the promo code on the back to get 2021 Topps Now Road to Opening Day team set.  Wait and see how they look and maybe get the Royals.

Also found this at my front door.....also from Topps...

My 2021 Hobby box ....... YEAH!!!!🙌

To this date, I have yet to find any retail at any store in my area.  🙎

Hopefully soon!  I would like to open some retail before breaking into the hobby box.

Need to start looking for the Rookie Trophy Cup cards for my collection.

Thanks For Looking

Keep On Collecting !!



  1. Hot my FREE Trout card and letter yesterday. Very cool. Enjoy opening those packs.

  2. I've found 2021 cards once...at Target. There was a limit of 3 so I purchased my limit. It was pretty stocked...surprised there wasn't anybody else there.

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