Monday, June 20, 2016

NEW Old Holoview Collection

A few months ago, I had found some Card Time for myself, and was sorting through a box of miscellaneous cards.  I don't recall why, was I sorting them or just looking to see what was in there.
Here is one card I found:

COOOOOOOOOOOL !!!!  How did I miss collecting this sub set?

It is the 1994 SP Holoview FX sub set.
The cards are highlighted with a 3D player hologram at the bottom of the card.
As you move the card, the hologram head moves and changes facial expressions.

There are 38 cards and were inserted 1:5 packs of 1994 SP Baseball. 
Also comes as a Die Cut RED parallel version that was printed inserted 1:75 packs.

I'm only collecting the regular blue version of the sub-set.

The checklist includes Alex Rodriguez RC , Ripken, Griffey Jr,  and Gwynn.
Micheal Jordan is also in the set,  since he was in the midst of his attempt at baseball.

I than proceeded to search through other boxes to see if I had others.  NONE !!
Since than I have acquired a few more cards, but still missing just under half of the set -- including the higher valued cards of Rodriguez, Ripken, and Jordan.

Here is a link to my  NEED LIST   for this set.

Here is a link to the  complete checklist  for the set.

This was a big error on my part during the collecting years of the mid 90's.
It is one of those  - could have, should have, would have moments.
The collecting goes on.

Baseball Words of Thought....
Manger HUGH JENNINGS (Tigers mgr 1907 -1920) once said --- "If he's played that many games without an error, he isn't going after the hard ones.  The fellow who never makes a mistake is the fellow who never does anything"  --  after being told of a minor-league prospect had played 87 straight errorless games.



Sunday, June 19, 2016


(YES I'm still here.  Though I still try to keep up with the readings of the other blogs, I've been terrible at writing on my own.  Hoping to get back at it a little more.)


Keep On Collecting !!

Jeff S.