Sunday, July 13, 2014

All Star Festivities...

As everyone knows, we have All Star Weekend and Game here in the Great State of Minnesota.   As we were getting into the later parts of spring, I was wondering if this could possibly be the first MLB All Star Game to be played with a chance of snow.  The way the weather has been around here, it could have been possible. The weather is to be perfect, high of 72 and low humidity.

I was really hoping to go to the game (still hoping), but the prices were well out of my range.  Keeping my eye open on StubHub.


My Gem Mint 10 wife and I did partake in Fan Fast.  We had a great time.  She now remembers why she will not attend card shows with me though.  I would get caught up looking at something and try to determine whether to buy or let it go. (Lets Go Jeffrey!!)

Here are some of the things we saw / did / and bought...(will not bore you with food)..

I got my chance to be Co-Host on the MLB Network...

Here I am getting my jacket on to look professional

I am on the set, but wait....





Oh there you are Harold....

Harold Reynolds and my Debut on MLB Network
Really!!!!  (wink)

We also visited the Topps booth.  I knew before we went to Fan Fest, if I made a Topps purchase at Target and brought in the receipt to the booth, I would get this for free....

 Nice looking card of Miguel Cabrera.

We also each got one of these....

Did you know, according to Linus, Charlie Brown had a perfect record one year 0 - 40.
For over 50 seasons his ERA was north of 16.50
and has never struck anyone out with is famous "straight ball".
Also met some players that played in the late 40's and early 50's.
They played in a league that lasted for 10years.
It was A League Of Their Own......     The AAGPBL ......
(read about the league here)
Here are the players I met, and got their autographs:
Lou "Erickson" Sauer  -   Pitcher
She played under they name of Lou Erickson.  She played for the Racine Belles in '48 and the Rockford Peaches in '49 and '50.  On the All Star Team all 3 years.  Won 37 and lost 17 with ERA of 2.52 along with a BA of .303.
Toni Palermo    -   SS
She played for the Chicago Colleens in '49 and '50 ( I believe she said she was 15) and the Springfield Sallies in '50.  Lead off hitter batting .311.  Had the most double plays in a season, and most stolen bases in a season.
Jean Havlish    -   SS
She tried out for the Kalamazoo Lassies in '51, but heard nothing from them.  Then in '52 tried out for the Fort Wayne Daisies and played for them through the '54 season.  Nicknamed "Grasshopper", she remembers a triple play in which she snagged a line drive, threw to Jean Gessinger at 2nd, who threw to Fuss at 1st.
They were fabulous to talk to.  (wish I would have had a ball for them to autograph, maybe next time).
 They also had a Hall of Fame section and a Trophy room with all the different award trophies players could win. Here I am with the World Series Trophy..
Saw some fabulous art work as well.  The two that hit me as the best there are ..
and my fav....
Yankee Proud
can be seen at his site along with other great art work.
If I remember right, he said there are approx. 45 Yankee Stars in this painting.
(Dugout and Stands)
Whether you a Yankee fan or not, this is a COOL piece.  A lot of baseball history took place in NY and the Yankee organization.
He had this piece at Fan Fest autographed by Jeter.  ($$$$$$$$$$)

I found this :


Stat-Pins ???  Bronze 2005 ???
# 121
still looking in to this one.

There was lots to do and see, but the last piece I will share is this .......

Met Rollie Fingers and got his autograph !!!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

HOF Goodness Plus Some...

Here is a look at a lot of 1967 Topps that I won on eBay.....

All Great looking cards for less than $2.50 per cards.




Wednesday, July 2, 2014

75th Anniversary - Lou's Speech

It is coming up on the 75th anniversary of one of the saddest days in baseball history.

(from The Official Website of Lou Gehrig) 
(you tube video)
                          MLB FIRST BASEMEN HONOR 75TH ANNIVERSARY
Wish I could have seen him play.
DID YOU KNOW !!!!!!!
Gehrig is the only Yankee player to ever wear the number 4 !!!