Thursday, May 16, 2019

OUCH !!! It Finally Happened To Me ......

(I know I haven't posted much here.  I try, but as we all know life happens first.  Hope some of you will still read when I get a chance to post😀.  I do frequent my blog so I can keep up with everyone.)

All these years of buying and trading, I have not had this happen .......

(poor PWE !!)

Yes, I have had a few PWE's and not many bubble envelopes come with a little damage, but the card(s) were safe.  But this poor guy looks like it got stuck on the conveyor and sat in one spot for awhile.  

Here was the out come ...

Poor Rosario didn't fair to well. 😢  
You can see where the top loader started to melt and was crushed.

This is a Topps Now card of Eddie Rosario after setting Twins record of 10 HR in April.
Print run was 183 and is now minus 1.
The seller didn't have any left, so he promptly refunded my money.

Luckily I had purchased 2 others before that one. 

You would think that a single top card loader would survive in a PWE. 

Think I will keep this set up on my desk to remind me to try and add a little more protection when I mail PWE's.

Keep On Collecting !!