Thursday, April 11, 2013


Here is my recent ebay purchase....................

1955 Bowman
Russ Meyer (The Mad Monk)

Best Season was in 1949 with the Phillies.  He had 17 wins, 14 complete games.
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Meyer is one of only three pitchers in Major League history to have gone at least 23-straight road starts without a loss.  He went 24 consecutive road starts without a loss during the 1953 and 1954 seasons.
Is that Ebbets Field in the background?????

1955 Bowman
Art Houtteman

Youngest player in American League (1945–1946).  Best season 1950 with Tigers.
19 wins ( 3rd behind Bob Lemon 23W,  Vic Raschi 21W).  All Star in 1950.
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And now the card I was really going after (this was a lot purchase)

1955 Bowman
Eddie Waitkus (The Natural)

 He only played 11years.  His batting avg .285, 1214 hits, 373 RBIs.  Was an All Star in 1948 and 49.
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Here is why I wanted this card for my collection.  Read the top line of "My Biggest Thrill In Baseball" on the back of the card.....In 1949 I was shot by a deranged girl.
Author Bernard Malamud, who was not a baseball fan himself, took the basic elements of the Waitkus story and wove them along with various baseball legends (notably Joe Jackson) into a novel, a morality tale called The Natural. The book was published in 1952, and was eventually made into a film that was released in 1984.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Chapter 13 - Reorganization !!

NO not financially!!  My Collection !!  After reading many different blogs over the past few months,  I have been seriously thinking about my collection and reorganizing it, and getting back to the basics.

It started out simple.  Back in the early 70's, there was ONE card maker, Topps.  I lived in Kansas City, and was a big Royals fan since their beginning in 1969.  As a kid I collected anything Royals, along with cards of the stars of that era.  I actually kept most commons as well, but some got traded or put in the spokes of the bike (UGH!!).


Than,  in the late 70's, we moved to MN and I started to follow the Twins.  Still kept up with the Royals as much as possible, but there was no INTERNET back than.  So I started to add a few Twins to my collection.

Than the 80's came ......

Topps  -------                   Donruss     ------------  Fleer

OH MY !!!

Early  80's, just graduated college, had a good job, and SINGLE!!!  What I didn't spend elsewhere, was spend on cards.  LOTS of cards!!!  The collection was going nuts.  Everything and anything..
Than the one that really changed it all.....

1989 Upper Deck

The  90's came, and I met my "Gem Mint 10" wife and had a couple kids and the collection slowed to a crawl.  I would get some boxes and packs every now and than, but not like in the 80's.  More controllable.

Today, my buying is about the same.  I look for only the items I like.  Buy a few packs or boxes here and there.  Just enough to keep the collection as current as possible.

During all this time, the only part of my collection that stayed constant was my Rookie Trophy Cup collection.  See my first blog - The Heart and Soul of My Collection!!  

The Royals collection had fallen wayside, and the Twins collection really did not get started.  I did collect the star cards.

Right now, most everything collectible is stored in boxes waiting for me to build my collectors room (aka man cave!!)  

My wife has been telling me for over 10 years now to finish this room.  It is known as the Baseball room.
But like everything else, it takes time and $$$$$.

Baseball Room NOW!!!!!

But now I think it is time to reorganize and rethink my collection.  Move lots of cards out via selling or trading.  Keep only the ones I really want for my collection and update other parts.

AND BUILD MY SHRINE FOR MY COLLECTION!!!  I will keep you posted.

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How about that...

Remember Mel Allen  .. THIS WEEK IN BASEBALL .. and his phrase -- How About That ---
Here are a few of my How About That's so far for this season.

--20 yr old Bryce Harper is the youngest major leaguer to hit 2 homers in his team's opening game of a season..

--Micheal Cuddyer [EX-Twin :0(] makes a diving catch and throws runner out at 2nd - double play 2Apr13..

--YU DARVISH (hope to see him play in person) One batter shy of becoming 24th pitcher to throw a perfect game.  Gave up a hit back up the middle, through his legs, to Marwin Gonzalez of the Astros.
8.2 innings .. 111 pitches ... 14 Ks ... 8 ground outs .. 1 fly out ... 3Apr13


Go to to see videos...

Send me all your unwanted??? Harper and Darvish cards....  :0b
( no one wants those)

If you saw or heard any How About That moments, leave a comment.

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