Sunday, June 24, 2018

50% off part 2 ---

Just Collect had another 50% off sale.

This time I went to my Packers want list.

Here is what I got ----  1959 Topps

1959 Topps #129 Ollie Spencer RC - EX-MT *089-328

1959 Topps #95 Lew Carpenter RC - EX-MT *096-309

1959 Topps #162 Dan Currie RC - NM *101-515

centering is off a little, but other than that, nice looking cards for little money.

Go Pack Go !!!


Keep On Collecting !!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Hobby Box -- Yeah !!!!!

For my birthday, back in February, my wife had purchased a hobby box of 2018 Topps series 2.  Not realizing that it was a pre-sell, she could not figure out why it was not arriving.  On my actual birthday, she advised me about the purchase.  I than told her it had to be a pre-sell because series 2 comes out in June.  With that info she was relieved, because she thought she might have been taken.
I received my package a few days before Fathers Day.  YEAH!!

Along with the hobby box, I was also sent the bonus silver pack of chrome cards.

Here are the contents....

1983 style anniversary cards.
   -   JD Davis   Astros  RC
  -  Gary Sanchez  Yankees
  -  Cory Seager  blue boarder Dodgers
  -  Shohei Ohtani Angels RC  -- putting this one away until 2020 when he comes back from TJ surgery.

Except for the Ohtani card, the others are for sale or trade.

After I open the other packs from the box, I will post what I had pulled.


Keep On Collecting !!