Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 Heritage -OR- VINTAGE.....

Over the past couple of weeks, Topps Heritage has been hitting the store shelves rather slowly.  So I decided to wait on purchasing Heritage and went looking for deals on vintage.

Here is what I found..

1972 Topps Ed Sprague

1969 Topps Glenn Beckert
3 time All Star (69, 70, 71, 72)
On the HOF ballot in 81 but only got .2%

1965 Topps Bill Spanswick
Not a very clean card, but a keeper until something better comes along.

1961 Topps Joe Ginsberg
NMMT condition!!!!

1960 Topps Rocky Nelson
Not the best of shape, but collectible. 

1958 Topps Bob Rush
Not the cleanest, but still a collectible.
2 time All Star (50, 52) 
 As you can see, some were not the best of shape, but still collectible to me.
Total spent including s/h ======    $4.00  !!!!
Less than a rack pack of Heritage.

Purchase was made at The WebStore, from sportcardsplus2.
I also run   my webstore   there as well, along with others.  So if you are looking for another place to shop or sell cards, check out WebStore.

My wife did purchase me a pack of Heritage a few days ago for me, and I purchased a rack pack today.  NOTHING exciting at all.........NOT A SINGLE ROOKIE TROPHY CUP CARD....

That means the show I plan on hitting April 5, I'll be looking for the Cup Cards.  Hope not to spend to much.  ALSO will be getting KENT HRBEK's  autograph there.  Deciding whether to have him sign the base set 82 rookie card or the 82 update card.  (any thoughts)
Will show later the one that gets the auto.