Monday, March 25, 2013


Aloha bloggers,

Just taking a quick moment to say MAHALO to my followers.

Visiting Oahu with my "Gem mint 10" wife and kids.  Fabulous!!

Sure beats the snow and cold in MN!

I did put my store on vacation mode until I return.  Sorry for the inconvience if you went there
And saw nothing.  Will be back up later this week.


Sunday, March 17, 2013


Which HOF pitcher was drafted by the Kansas City Royals, on Oct 15, 1968 as the 49th pick in the 1968 expansion draft from the Chicago White Sox?  Than was traded by the Royals to the California Angels for Ed Kirkpatrick and Dennis Paepke, on Dec 12, 1968.
He was on the Royals roster for only 2 months, during the off season and never pitched an inning for them. 
BIGGER did you know;  Was there a card made listing him as a Royal???
Can you guess !!!!
1969 Topps Stamp
Information found on Baseball
Thanks For Reading....

Friday, March 15, 2013

Doc's 2013 MLB Tournament

Just entered Doc's 2013 MLB Tournament at the closet.  With only 2 teams left, and living in MN,
I went with the Twins.  Sounds like a fun tournament.  Last I saw, there was still one spot open.
The Mets.  If any one is interested in playing, visit Doc's blog .

Good Luck to all playing!

And Thanks for reading my blog

Friday, March 8, 2013


WOW!! Where does the time go. Can not believe its been over 2 weeks since I posted anything.
Need to try and do better.

Going to start with the blaster box of Topps 2013 that my "GEM MINT 10" wife bought me for my birthday last month. (I know, I'm behind the times)

Can never go wrong on getting a Babe Ruth card !!!!

OR this guy..... The next Mantle or Ruth (maybe someday playing in NY???)....Mike Trout !!!!!

Clement Rookie Card Patch !!!!!  SWEET !!!!

AND the OUT OF BOUNDS SP  MIKE TROUT !!!!!   Awesome !!!!!!!

I think I need my wife to pick out more packs for me.  Seem she has better luck than I do...

Now to the more up to date item... Topps Heritage. 
Just out and bought a blaster and 2 addtional packs this past wednesday.  Opened one pack so far..

Really nothing to exciting...but I did get two for my Rookie Trophy Cup collection ..YEAH !!!!
If I get anything exciting in the blaster, I will let you know. 

YAWNNNNNNNN!!!!  After opening the blaster box, the only exciting card was the Ryan Braun
Refractor Chrome.  And I did get a couple more Rookie Trophy cards, but not the ones I was hoping for; Trout, Darvish, and Harper.  Maybe in the next packs.

Overall, I do like the Heritage, but not like the previous years.  I like the base set of 2013 a little better this year. 
Thanks for reading