Saturday, May 25, 2013

Poor Old Baseball Card.......


Where has the month gone???  Busy busy busy..

Dance recitals , Band concerts , end of school activities, Prom, Graduation coming up, school senior party I volunteered to help with (I only have to cover 10pm to midnight), and of coarse the GRADUATION party (open house) with a mile and a half long honey do list to finish before Friday 5/31.

But I did have to take time for a quick blog. 

Anthony Tarantino over at Poor Old Baseball Card (POBC) is running a month long contest to win a few POBCs.  All you need to do is leave a comment on his blog for a chance to win.

Here is what I won.....

1969 Topps Bob Clemente

Here are the remaining cards that you can have a chance to win:

1973 Willie Mays
1974 Hank Aaron
1975 Reggie Jackson

So if condition doesn’t matter, visit POBC blog for a chance to win.

It’s not always about that perfect Gem-Mint 10 … Is it?”
Its great to get these cards and wonder where they have been.  Some kid back in 1969, that was a Clemente fan/ Pirates fan, pulled this card from a wax pack and carried it in is pocket to show his friends. Awww.. Memories...back than condition didn't matter.  If they were cards you were keeping, they were thrown into a shoe box, binded together with a rubber band.  Or you might have stuck the unwanted card in the spokes of your bike for that clack clack clack sound.
THANKS ANTHONY!!!!   For bringing me back into collecting the NOT Gem Mint 10 Vintage cards.
Thanks for reading
Everyone have a safe Holiday