Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A Long Time Ago, In a Blog-o-sphere Far, Far Away...

JediJeff from 2X3 Heroes had a Tis The Season give-away.  He had lots of great cards to choose from.  A few of the cards that I would have liked to have were already spoken for.  But this card was not.....

2012 Topps Series 2 Historical Stitches :  WARREN SPAHN  -  Milwaukee Braves

NICE !!!!

Well ...   JediJeff became frozen in carbonite!!

After escaping, he had a lot of cards to get out.  After going through his Millennium Falcon rolodex, he did not have my address.  So he sent an email requesting it.  That is when I had remembered that I had put in for one of the cards given away. 
He than X-Winged it to me, along with the following in a PWE ....
A couple Hall Of Famers from the Royals and Twins
George Brett and Harmon Killebrew !!!
I love what Panini is doing, but I can not bring myself to buying a lot of their product because of the licensing deal.  It just doesn't look right without the team logos.  Maybe one day.... 

He also sent some Royal cards..  Once again, Love the Bo Jackson and Alex Gordon cards, but no team logo.
The Billy Butler Gypsy Queen card, and the Purple Bowman Prospects Hunter Dozier were needed cards.  

Also included were some Twins.
The 2015 Diamond Kings from Panini is awesome, (but again no logos) but I might have to break down and get the DKs.  Would go great with my DKs from the 80's and 90's Donruss. 
Thanks again to JediJeff for the give-away and the great PWE!!!
A PWE will be on its way to you in the future  JediJeff.
May The Force Be With You!!!!
(can't wait for Star Wars VII The Force Awakens to come out in December)
Keep On Collecting