I take great pride in providing the best, consistent, and accurate grade possible on all raw cards examined.  This is done by following the specifications set by the main grading companys (ex Beckett, PSA, SGC).  30X Magnification is used to help with determining card grades.  Eye Appeal is also a key factor in my grades.

REMEMBER:   A grade on any card is based on an indivduals judgement, no matter who grades it.
As a collector, you must decide the condition of a card.  Than determine if the card fits into your collection.

Value Influences:  Rarity, Eye Appeal, Popularity, Demand, Condition, Authenticity, Sport Type.

CONDITION SENSITIVE CARDS ( * ) - cards marked with * could command higher prices than published.

Grade / Pricing Explanations:


"MINT+"  - (Pristine/ Gem Mint) The Perfect Card. This is virtually a completely FLAWLESS card, even under magnification.  CENTERING: 55/45 or better front and back.  CORNERS: All 4 must be sharp under magnification.  EDGES: Sharp, crisp, and flawless under magnification.  SURFACE: Perfect gloss with superb color and focus.
The Perfect Card Price % = unlimited $$$$

MINT (MT) - Superb condition.  CENTERING: 60/40 or better front / 70/30 or better back.  CORNERS: Mint upon close inspection.  Only a speck of wear under magnification.  EDGES: Mint upon close inspection.  Specks of chipping on boarders allowed under magnification.  SURFACE:  Very minor printing spots, color / focus imperfections, Original clean gloss with very minor tiny scratch.  At quick glance, you might think card is Perfect, but under magnification, you start seeing some of the very minor flaws. 
MT PRICE %: Pre-1959 = 300+% , 1960-80 = 250+% , 1981-89 = 100-150% , 1990-Present = 100-125%  

NEARMINT-MINT (NMMT) - Really nice card.  CENTERING: 65/35 or better front / 75/25 or better back.  CORNERS: Sharp to the naked eye, slight imperfections under magnification including very slight fraying on 1 corner.  EDGES: Smooth border with specks of chipping visible to naked eye.  SURFACE: Few minor print spots.  Very minor color / focus imperfections.  Solid gloss with minor scratch detectable on close inspection.
NMMT Price %: Pre-1930 = 300+% , 1930-59 = 100-300% , 1960-80 = 125-200% , 1981-Present = 100%

NEARMINT (NM) - CENTERING: 70/30 or better front / 80/20 or better back.  CORNERS: Very minor wear on 2 to 3 corners with very slight fraying.  EDGES: Slight roughness with minor chipping and very minor notching.  SURFACE: Few noticeable print spots, minor speckling, color / focus imperfections, border discoloration, slight wax staining on back.  Solid gloss with minor scratch detectable on close inspection.  Card may exhibit a slightly skewed cut.
NM Price %: Pre-1930 = 150-300% , 1930-47 = 150% , 1948-80 = 100% , 1981-Present = 60-75%

EXCELLENT-MINT (ExMT) - CENTERING: 75/25 or better front / 80/20 or better on back.  CORNERS: Minor fuzzy corners, free of dings with slight fraying.  Very minor rounding becoming evident on pre 1980 cards only.  EDGES: Moderate roughness, chipping or notching.  SURFACE: Visible surface wear or printing defects which don't detract from overall appeal.  Minor color / focus imperfections, wax staining on back, border discoloration.  Relatively solid gloss with minor scratches, devoid of scuffing. Slightest surface crease that will not detract from card appeal, on pre 1980 cards only.
EXMT Price %: Pre-1947 = 100% , 1948-80 = 60-75% , 1981-Present = 40-50%

EXCELLENT (EX) - CENTERING: 75/25 or better front / 90/10 or better back.  CORNERS: 4 fuzzy corners, touch of notching or minor ding.  Minor rounding is becoming evident.  EDGES: Noticeable roughness, notching or chipping.  NO layering.  SURFACE: Moderate print spots.  Minor color / focus imperfections, border discoloration.  Some original gloss lost from surface with minor scratches but devoid of scuffing.  Very light surface crease that will not detract from appeal of card, on pre 1980 cards only.
EX Price %: Pre-1947 = 50-75% , 1948-80 = 40-50% , 1981-Present = 25-35%

VERY GOOD / EXCELLENT (VG/EX) - CENTERING: 80/20 or better front / 90/10 or better back.  CORNERS: Slight rounding, notching or layering.  Moderate dings.  EDGES: Readily chipped, notched with slight layering.  SURFACE: Heavy print spots.  Moderate color / focus imperfections, border discoloration, wax stains on back, very light ink/pencil mark.  Some original gloss retained.  Very minor scuffing or extremely subtle tear in the form of a touch of broken surface paper.  Light tear or surface break may exist.  Overall surface wear noticeable but modest, with hairline to light creases that do not detract from card appeal.
VGEX Price %: Pre-1947 = 45% , 1948-80 = 35% , 1981-Present = 15-20%

VERY GOOD (VG) - Still attractive, well handled but not abused card.  CENTERING: 85/15 or better front / 90/10 or better back.  CORNERS: Slightly, but not extreme, rounding or noticeably notched with slight layering.  EDGES: Heavy notching, moderate layering or chipping.  SURFACE: Heavy print spots, noticeable color / focus imperfections, border discoloration, wax stains on back, light ink/pencil marks.  Very little original gloss, scuffing or minor tear.  Minor crease that don't affect the overall appeal of the card.
VG Price %: Pre-1947 = 30-40% , 1948-80 = 15-30% , 1981-Present = 10% 

GOOD (G)/ FAIR (F)/ POOR (P) - Good for cheap filler cards. Well worn or abused cards. Major imperfections.
(G) - CENTERING: 90/10 or better front / 100/0 or better back.  CORNERS: Noticeably rounded, heavily notched with moderate layering.  EDGES: Severely chipped, notched or layered.  SURFACE: Severe print spots, several creases, color / focus imperfections, border discoloration, wax stains, moderate ink/pencil marks, no gloss, scuffing, tears, pin holes.  Card must be FULLY intact.
(F) - Showing moderately more wear than described as Good.  May be missing a small piece of the card, but relatively intact.
(P) - UGLY card.  No eye appeal, missing pieces, shows extremely more wear than a G.  Not even a good filler unless it's a very rare card.      
G/F/P Price %: Pre-1947 = 10-25% , 1948-80 = 5-10% , 1981-Present = 5% or less