Tuesday, May 19, 2020

George Brett on MLB Tonight 15May2020...

As a huge Royals and Brett fan,  I found this interview, which also happened to be Brett's birthday, to be fun to watch.  The story of him trading for one of his original game used bats was great.

A must watch for all Brett and Royal fans !!!

       Watch here -  George Brett on MLB Tonight

JULY 24, 1983: George Brett Loses His Mind [VIDEO]

1975 Topps George Brett Rookie Card: The Ultimate Collector's ...

Donald Trump gives George Brett the Royals treatment in Kansas City

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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Dollar Store Cards ......

When I need to shop for greeting cards, the dollar stores are where I like to start.  I usually don't like to pay 3 to 7 bucks on greeting cards.  (Baseball Cards are a different story!)  A few weeks ago I needed to get a few greeting cards for those special events that came up and still coming up.  During this time of confinement, I try not to leave the house/yard, unless walking with my wife and the dog.  I was successful at finding some great greeting cards (not always), and also found these..

$1 packs of 2020 Donruss (5 cards per pack)
I like the Panini products, but I hate the generic uniform look.  Miss the team logos and names.
I will pick up a few items through out the year.  So for now, mainly a Topps guy.

Got a couple of Diamond Kings.  A yellow Lucas Giolito and regular Pete Alonso!
Always liked collecting the Diamond King Cards back in day.

3 Rated Rookies

Patrick Sandoval / AJ Puk / Matt Thaiss

4 86' Retros

Man Of Steel Rickey Henderson nickname
Paul Molitor / Travis Demeritte RC / Domingo Leyba RC

5 yellow parallel 

Clayton Kershaw / Paul Goldschmidt / Tommy Edman
2 86' retro
Jim Rice / Yonathan Daza RC

and the rest including

Aaron Judge base and variant cards
Gerrit Cole NY / Kris Bryant 

Over all, not to bad!!  It gave me a few packs to open during this time.  

I've been on leave from work now for 30 days and the time is flying by for me.  Kept pretty busy!
Doing a lot of outdoor things since its been pretty nice outside.  But the biggest project is The Baseball Card Room.  For the past 20 years, this is what the room looked like..

You get the idea!!!!

The closet I had done earlier, since that's where most things are stored.  But the rest of the room was left unfinished.  Well that has all changed thanks to CoronaVirus.  I have cleared everything out, while still keeping some since of order to the cards, so I can find things for trades or sales.  There is now sheet rock up and ready to be taped.  Than paint, floor covering and decorating (display my collections).  I should have enough time to finally complete this project.  I am not due to return to work until Aug 1, unless things pick up.  I am really enjoying retirement,  but my wife says no, not yet.  She has another 90 days with me!!  
Pixs of the New Baseball Card Room will be posted when done.

Also been reorganizing the collection, since most of its pulled out.  Trying to get things load on to Trading Card Data Base.

Thanks for reading,

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