Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collision at The Plate !!!!!!

As I start this post, I am watching the end of the Packers / Browns game.  Hoping the Pack can hold on to win. ( 6min left GB24 CLE13 ).

Even though I try my best to find time to write a post, I do read the blogs I follow, plus new ones, as often as I can. (just about every day)
(Yes !!! Pack score again!!  Go Pack Go)

One of the blogs I like reading is Play at The Plate.  Since reading this blog, when ever I get time to sort through some cards, I like looking for those cards with a play at the plate.

Here is one I found  (wonder if he has this one)

1992 Stadium Club 
Card is available for sale / trade.

If  Play at The Plate comments he needs this card,
it is his.

   Lonnie Smith (Braves) colliding with Brian Harper (Twins).  This is a photo from game 4 of the 91 World series.  Was Smith safe or out???  Do you remember ???

If you don't remember, lets watch.......


Your Out !!!!!

(YEAH Pack wins !!!!)

This is a fabulous card, with an excellent photo of a piece of Baseball History.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Here we go ......

I would like to see a Pirates vs A's World Series.

It would be like an early 70's retro World Series.
Small market clubs rule!!!!  (to bad the Royals or Twins didn't make it)

BUT ....  Than reality sets in and these will most likely be the two teams playing

Detroit vs  St Louis

If you would like to make your prediction, visit Collector's Crack and enter the World Series contest.  EASY!!!!!!  Must enter before noon on Sat Oct 5.  Great Prizes!!!