Sunday, October 20, 2013

Collision at The Plate !!!!!!

As I start this post, I am watching the end of the Packers / Browns game.  Hoping the Pack can hold on to win. ( 6min left GB24 CLE13 ).

Even though I try my best to find time to write a post, I do read the blogs I follow, plus new ones, as often as I can. (just about every day)
(Yes !!! Pack score again!!  Go Pack Go)

One of the blogs I like reading is Play at The Plate.  Since reading this blog, when ever I get time to sort through some cards, I like looking for those cards with a play at the plate.

Here is one I found  (wonder if he has this one)

1992 Stadium Club 
Card is available for sale / trade.

If  Play at The Plate comments he needs this card,
it is his.

   Lonnie Smith (Braves) colliding with Brian Harper (Twins).  This is a photo from game 4 of the 91 World series.  Was Smith safe or out???  Do you remember ???

If you don't remember, lets watch.......


Your Out !!!!!

(YEAH Pack wins !!!!)

This is a fabulous card, with an excellent photo of a piece of Baseball History.


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  1. That's an awesome card and I loved that you had the video of the play as well!