Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Spring Training !!!!!!


All is right with the world once again;  Baseball's Spring Training is now in full swing.
The smell of the fresh mowed grass.  The gentle warm breeze blowing through your hair.
The crack of the bat, thump of the ball into the glove.  The sights and sounds of BASEBALL
are back.  (Than I turn and gaze out the window; 2 ft of snow, Temp at 15 with windchill making
it feel like -5.  More snow coming this weekend. AGGGGHHH!!!)

Counting down the days till April, hoping not to have to wear our snowmobile suits to Target Field
to watch a game.

Here is to the start of a New Season, and may your team have a great year.
(I will be pulling for the Twins and Royals, not to be bottom dwellers) (Also a closet Yankee fan)ssshhh!

Let me know your favorite team, and how you think they will do.
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PLAY BALL!!!!!!!!

Thanks for Reading and




  1. Jeff, glad to have you as part of the blogosphere! I look forward to many more posts about your collecting history.

  2. Hey Robert; THANKS for following!!! As time permits, I will post some of my collection.