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Here is my recent ebay purchase....................

1955 Bowman
Russ Meyer (The Mad Monk)

Best Season was in 1949 with the Phillies.  He had 17 wins, 14 complete games.
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Meyer is one of only three pitchers in Major League history to have gone at least 23-straight road starts without a loss.  He went 24 consecutive road starts without a loss during the 1953 and 1954 seasons.
Is that Ebbets Field in the background?????

1955 Bowman
Art Houtteman

Youngest player in American League (1945–1946).  Best season 1950 with Tigers.
19 wins ( 3rd behind Bob Lemon 23W,  Vic Raschi 21W).  All Star in 1950.
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And now the card I was really going after (this was a lot purchase)

1955 Bowman
Eddie Waitkus (The Natural)

 He only played 11years.  His batting avg .285, 1214 hits, 373 RBIs.  Was an All Star in 1948 and 49.
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Here is why I wanted this card for my collection.  Read the top line of "My Biggest Thrill In Baseball" on the back of the card.....In 1949 I was shot by a deranged girl.
Author Bernard Malamud, who was not a baseball fan himself, took the basic elements of the Waitkus story and wove them along with various baseball legends (notably Joe Jackson) into a novel, a morality tale called The Natural. The book was published in 1952, and was eventually made into a film that was released in 1984.

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