Thursday, January 9, 2014

Hall Of Fame Inductees...

Here is this years ballot and results...

2014 BBWAA/Hall of Fame voting
Ballots cast: 571. Needed for election: 429, 75 percent of the total
Player Votes Percentage Years on ballot
Greg Maddux 55597.20%1st
Tom Glavine 52591.90%1st
Frank Thomas 47883.70%1st
Craig Biggio42774.80%2nd
Mike Piazza35562.20%2nd
Jack Morris35161.50%15th
Jeff Bagwell31054.30%4th
Tim Raines26346.10%7th
Roger Clemens20235.40%2nd
Barry Bonds19834.70%2nd
Lee Smith17129.90%12th
Curt Schilling16729.20%2nd
Edgar Martinez14425.20%5th
Alan Trammell11920.80%13th
Mike Mussina11620.30%1st
Jeff Kent8715.20%1st
Fred McGriff6711.70%5th
Mark McGwire6311.00%8th
Larry Walker5810.20%4th
Don Mattingly478.20%14th
Sammy Sosa417.20%2nd
* Rafael Palmeiro254.40%4th
* Moises Alou61.10%1st
* Hideo Nomo61.10%1st
* Luis Gonzalez50.90%1st
* Eric Gagne20.40%1st
* J.T. Snow20.40%1st
* Armando Benitez10.20%1st
* Jacque Jones10.20%1st
* Kenny Rogers10.20%1st
* Sean Casey00.00%1st
* Ray Durham00.00%1st
* Todd Jones00.00%1st
* Paul Lo Duca00.00%1st
* Richie Sexson00.00%1st



A little trivia for you...
Against what team and in what ball park did The Big Hurt get his 1st HR and 500th HR ??? 
(no googling)

Hard to believe Biggio missed by 2 votes!!!!  It will be tough for him again next
year with Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez and John Smoltz being on the ballot.
I think he might do it.
Unfortunately, Donny Baseball Mattingly, Alan Trammell, and Lee Smith will
eventually be joining Jack Morris, and waiting to see if they make it in through
the Veterans Committee.

I do have cards of all three players for sale or trade, just let me know what your looking for.



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