Friday, August 11, 2017

The last item purchased at NSCC2017...

As I was making my first initial round at the National, I can across this booth selling autograph photos.  There were photos from all sports, and lots of HOF'ers.  They ranged in size from the typical 5 by 7 to 8 by 11, as well as a few odd sized ones.  They ranged from $5 to over $50.

You are thinking what I was thinking, not authenticated signatures or photos. Reproductions!!!
He had all kinds of folks, sorting through and buying items they liked.

I'm not much into buying autographed things, even with authenticated paper work.  I would rather get it myself, in person.

BUT-----    This caught my eye.....

Click on photo to get a better look!

Origin of picture.....
This art work, of the 11 than-living members of the 500 HR Club, was created by artist Ron Lewis back in 1988.   It was than made into a limited edition lithograph, to be signed by all 11 players at the Atlantic City show in 1988, where these greats gathered.  To this day, it is still one of the most sought after and reproduced pieces of sports art.

This is a smaller photo print version.  The picture measure roughly 5 1/2 in by 10 1/2 in, and framed in a 11 by 14 in frame.

Sellers Story ----- He worked for a company in the late 80's that reproduced many sports art and photos, than had them autographed by the players.  Back than, they would sell them via QVC and in catalogs, such as JC Penny.  I do remember such items for sell at those places.  He said he has had these in storage since than, and over the past few years began selling them as ART work.  He did not say they were or were not authentic.

Not to drag this out on authentic or not ....

As I was heading for the door to depart this great event, I walked by the booth one last time, for one last look.  Since seeing it originally back in the late 80's, I've always thought it would be nice to have one.  So I broke down and bought it.  He had sold a few, at the $50 sale price.  But I did get him to come down to $40.

It was hard to lay out the 2 twenties for it.  Deep down my gut was telling me, -- not real --.
But, my eyes were saying yes, because it looks great.  The than 11 living 500 HR Club with autographs that look great.  My eyes won out!

I purchased a great piece of art, real autos or not.  Who knows, maybe, just maybe they might be....
naw --- maybe ????

It looks great anyways.

Keep On Collecting !!

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  1. If it is real, then you might have gotten the deal of a lifetime! And if it isn't, well... like you said, it still looks great.