Monday, February 23, 2015


Unfortunately it has nothing to do with the hobby...
except taking away some spending $$$ and what little time I have.

On Saturday, about 1 hour before leaving for Morris MN (3hr drive from Twin Cities)
to see my daughter's college band perform, my wife comes up from downstairs and said,
"There's water dripping from the ceiling!!!"
WHAT !!!!!

Here is what we saw....
The ceiling also has a big sag in it from the weight of the water...

Had to determine the cause, thus canceling the trip to Morris.  Daughter not happy, but understood.

SO ...  I began to disassemble ....


 No pipes leaking... no water coming down ... I'm betting it has to be coming from the shower that is above that area.  Told my wife to run the shower.  Within seconds, water started coming through.

Looked at the shower, and the caulk and grout look ok.........I guess NOT...

Removed a few rows of tile.....   Maddog says this isn't good ......
Maddog is on the shower floor, and yes that is where drywall used to be ... UGH!!!!!!

House was built in '88 and green paper drywall was used.  Will be replaced with cement board.
Don't believe we will retile.  Will be looking for something else. ??
Well.... the wife wanted that bathroom remodeled, but not starting on the coldest weekend of the winter.

Maddog also looked at the ceiling downstairs.....

and he said   HAVE FUN ......

So with this new project, regular work schedule, family time and time taken by The Eagan Drumline that my son is in, etc etc etc..
my blogging time (not that I blog all that often and would like to do more) , blog reading  and updating my webstore and website will be less for now.

Hope to still find a little time to hit the stores for 2015 Topps, and hoping to still go to the card show this weekend ??? ...  need to get the Rookie Trophy Cup cards for the collection.

If you do contact me about cards, I will try to respond as soon as I can.

Wish us luck..



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  1. Uggggh. I did a bathroom remodel before. Luckily, it was planned and not because of an accident like yours. Have fun.