Monday, January 12, 2015

Wallet Card and Best '52 Pick-Up ....

No... Not this kind

and not this

Mad Dog (wallet card) and I ventured out in the cold to the local monthly card show this past weekend
and here is what I got .....

SEVEN 1952 Topps (w/ Mad Dog in the middle).
Best Part -------   cost me about $2.50 each  WOW...
Normally I might find 1 or 2 for that price.
In this condition, they will usually run any where from $5 to $15 each.
Minimal creasing on a couple of cards / small amount paper loss on one card where tape was removed / one has glue stains on back from when it was attached to something
REALLY HAPPY with these conditions... 
This puts my '52 collection at 32 cards out of 407  --- 7.9% complete !!!!
Mostly commons (No Mantle Yet ???? / have reprint)
Some notables I do have : Dom DiMaggio / Ed Lopat / Preacher Roe / Dutch Leonard /Bob Friend RC / Walt Dropo
(kept on Trading Card Database / not my photos / not for sale or trade, sorry)
Probably will never finish this set, especially when I try to get as cheap as possible.
But having fun trying.  Who knows, maybe one I will come across some of the big names for cheap.... zzzzzzz DREAMER zzzzzz.

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