Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I'm in ....
    The game of Wallet Card      by Baseball Card Breakdown

The BIG question was which card do I choose ?????

Do I go with someone from my favorite team-  (Royals or Twins)
OR --  Player ( Brett , Ryan , Harper , Trout ,  (can't sacrifice Mantle) etc  )
OR --  player from an enemy team  (Yanks , White Sox , Tigers )
OR --  from junk wax era  -- OR Newer ...

OR --------  HOW ABOUT A NICE VINTAGE  ------

Yup ----  This is the one -  1975 Topps Bill  "Mad Dog" Madlock #104 !!!!!

WHY??   I love my vintage cards.  Also, it was part of The Heart and Soul of my collection - The Topps Rookie Trophy Cup Collection.  That is until it was replaced with one in a lot better condition.

        Mad Dog  STATS      by Baseball

Here is the Mad Dog's home (for now)

This old beat up wallet that has seen its better days.

Some day soon, he will be moving into his new digs......

My Gem Mint 10 Wife bought me a new wallet about a year ago.  But like everything else, old T-Shirts and underwear,  I just keep using them until the bitter end.

 I will keep you updated on Mad Dogs whereabouts through out 2015.
Maybe by doing this game it will get me to do more posts.



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  1. Great card to use! I'm not always a big fan of the '75 set (which might be morally reprehensible to some collectors), but I love the way this one looks, especially with the rookie cup. I'll be looking for the updates! Have a great 2015!