Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Go Go's Vacation  ( The 80's Best Girl Band)

I have been on VACATION since last Friday.  Thought I would have posted here and update my Web Store before now...BUT.....

My wife had other plans...  THE HONEY DO LIST ...   which she continues to add to every time I turn around. 

I have been able to knock off a few things on the list, so I am able to make a quick post.

Thanks again to those following.  I am going to try and round up a few cards for my followers.

My most important agenda right now is getting as many cards as possible inventoried on The Trading Card Database site, along with more listings in my WebStore and Ebay.

Always filling your want list  :

All reasonable offers / trades are considered at my web store.  As time permits I am updating my want list.  



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