Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving Blog-o-sphere

Hope everyone has a Great Thanksgiving.....................

Now for some cards.....
I went to the Minneapolis Sports Collectible Convention a few weekends ago, and besides picking up some of the newer cards, I found these poor old cards looking for a new home...

For my Packers collection...
1961 Topps Paul Hornung Record Setting card

 I also found these poor ole baseball cards from the Topps 52 set....
1952 Topps Dutch Leonard

1952 Topps John Pramesa

The Dutch card isn't to bad, but poor ole Pramesa had a corner torn off.  AAAUGH!!!
1960 Topps Rival All Stars Mantle & Boyer

This poor ole card looks like it was used for stable gun practice.
Also, someone was practicing their spelling of YANKEES on the back.  
But you can't pass on a cheap Mantle Card... can you????

I think the story of the Mantle Boyer card goes this way.... In 1960, lil Johnny opened a pack of Topps baseball cards.  To his amazement, he received this card.  He than proceeded to staple it to his bulletin board.  Johnny was a huge Yankee fan, so he staple a small piece of paper over Boyer's face on the card, thus only leaving Mantle's visible.  


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