Sunday, September 11, 2016

Held The Babe In My Hands ...

At the start of summer,  I had a chance to visit my LCS.

As the owner was finishing up with a customer,  I browsed around looking at all the great items he has.  But there was one card I was really there to see.

Its a 1933 Worch Cigar Babe Ruth.

He purchased it from the original owner, and he even still had the envelope it came in.

The set had 167 postcard size cards.  They were a promotion by the Worch Cigar Company of St Paul MN.  The owner sent in for a card from the company, not knowing which card he was going to get.  Later, to his surprise, he received this Babe Ruth card.

Once the LCW owner had the card in his possession, he sent it to PSA for grading.

This is a fabulous card, and one that is well out of my budget.

It was great holding the Babe!!!!

Keep On Collecting !!

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