Thursday, July 27, 2017

My First Time ...

Getting things ready for my first trip to

Convention Tickets and VIP Registration

Have to get up early for my flight, so I can be there when the doors open.
Will spend as much time as I can in this massive area of sports memorabilia, mostly going for the experience.  Will do a little buying. (depending what I see)
Will not be able to stay till closing, because I have to get back to the airport in time for my flight home, so I know I will not see everything. ( will try though )

I will try to tweet my experiences of the day, so you can follow there.

Hope they take it easy on me.

Planning on the next National I attend, to maybe get a VIP pass, hotel room and go for more than one day.  Will see how this goes.

This is also HOF weekend.....

congrats to this years inductees   Jeff Bagwell / Tim Raines / Ivan Rodriguez / John Schuerholz / and Bud Selig.

Great Baseball Weekend !!!!

And my Royals are now back to 2 games out with the current win streak they are on.
Thought for sure after the first month, they would have been selling at this time instead of looking to make one last run, before they are all free agents.  GO ROYALS !!



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