Saturday, April 14, 2018

Blog Bat Around.....

Yeah, I know ...  day late and a dollar short on writing blogs.  But here I sit looking out at old man winter on April 14th ... yuckie !!!  should be close to 60 degrees at this point... Twins were snowed out !!!

included Yahoo article for proof of date
So here we go with my version of ...( started by Night Owl Cards with link to the epilogue..)

What I Collect and Continuous Projects

1.   The Topps All-Star Rookie Trophy Card subset.

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

      I have collected all cards from the regular issued Topps and Heritage sets from 1960 to the present.
      You can see my CARD LIST HERE at TTCD.  (still updating that list)

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

Image result for topps rookie trophy cup

  Also trying to collect the different variations Topps put out there, but some are $$$$$.

2. Kansas City Royals

   I lived in KC from '68 to '77, and have been a Royals fan since they started in 1969.

Image result for kc royals topps

Image result for kc royals topps

  Continuously looking for oddball cards.  Have most of the regular issue from '69 to '90 -all makes.
 Still working on all the newer cards.  Looking for the inserts and autos from various years and sets.

3.  Green Bay Packers

Image result for green bay packers

 4. Vintage
  Who doesn't do vintage.

Image result for 1933 goudey

                  Just a sampling.

5. Various oddities and subsets..
     Just a few listings  ..  click on them to see what I have ..
            1964 Topps Giants
            1989 Baseball Talk/LJN
            1994 SP Holoview Blue
            2013 Topps Archives 1972 Basketball Design
            2017 Topps Five Tool

   plus many others.

6. Like most true colletors - I collect everything that appeals to me. 

  You can visit me at The Trading Card Database for more of my collection.

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  1. For just a sampling, that selection of vintage cards is pretty darn impressive!

    1. Thanks Jon -- forgot to include my sets I have been working on FOREVERRR -- 1952 , 1959 , 1975 , and 1976 Topps. I collect all others as well, when ever I see a great deals.
      Thanks for reading.