Friday, November 15, 2019

Cooperstown NY / Hall Of Fame

At the beginning of October, my wife and I went on a fall color trip to New York.  We flew into Syracuse NY, and our first stop was Cooperstown and the Baseball Hall Of Fame.  We spent about a day and half there, than worked are way up to Lake Placid NY.  The scenery was fabulous!

(View from atop Mt Baker of the McKenzie Mtn Wilderness area)

(start of the High Gorge Falls)

Cooperstown / Baseball Hall of Fame .....

This was my first time there, and plan to go again.  If you never been, I highly recommend it. I also would go again in the fall because it was less busy than other times of the year (Induction weekend).
I'm within 10 years of possibly retiring, and my wife always ask what my plans are.  She's afraid I will just sit around the house bothering her 😎.
While in Cooperstown, I looked at her and said, "This is where I'm going to retire!!" I could work part-time at any of the card shops in town and even the HOF.

Its a thought !!!! 😊

I know I didn't hit all the shops, but these are the ones I did visit. (not in any order)
  Seventh Inning Stretch , Pioneer Sports Cards , Baseball Nostalgia Inc , Mickey's Place ,     Yastrzemski Sports, Cooperstown Bat , and Safe at Home Ballpark Collectibles.
Lots of cards and collectibles to look at.  Here is what I found in the $1 boxes...

(1968 Topps Game 2 Carew 1 Kaline and 1958 Hoak)

(Killebrew 2014 Allen & Ginter's and 2004 Toops All Time Fan Favorites)
(Royal's pick ups - 2019 Topps Archives Bo Jackson and 2 Leaf signature cards Nunnally and Valera)
(cards for the George Brett collection)

(1986 Fleer Micheal Jordan Rookie Card !!!!)
                                                                              \     /
                                                                                \ /



Here I am with my friends!  They forgot to tell me to wear my suit !!

Loved all the memorabilia and artifacts that are there.

(Babe and Ted each completely made from one piece of laminated basswood.  All wood, no cloth, leather or stone) 

(Brett's pine tar bat)

Here are the two big ticket items I (we) bought...

We walked into Safe at Home Ballpark Collectibles, and I started browsing around at all of the great memorabilia they have.  Mean while, my wife was up front talking with one of the owners and I could here her say that a curtain item was really cool.  She came to the back of the store, where I was, and said "you need to come look at this".  I thought to myself, as we walked to the front, hey I might be able to spend a little money here.  This is what they were talking about....

The owner had just gotten back with a large purchase of framed autograph jerseys, approximately 15 of them,  and this was one of them..

I asked what he wanted for it and he said make an offer.  While I was contemplating my offer, I said it would be great if he had a Harmon Killebrew jersey as well.

And he did ....

Now I'm looking at both, wondering how much am I willing to spend here.  I decided to only go for one, but which one.  Because I'm a Royals and Brett fan, I choose the Brett jersey.  He accepted my offer and dropped it $50 bucks! What!!! So I started looking at the Killebrew jersey again, which made my wife really nervous.  He accepted my offer for the two, and they are now proudly displayed  in our family room.  Both came with COAs.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed my home state. Upstate New York scenery is difficult to match, especially in the fall. It's been too long since I've been back to Cooperstown. Maybe next year.

  2. I love the outdoor pics, especially the second one! I've never seen a repro MJ rookie that actually said what it was on the back before, it'd be nice if they all had to do that.