Friday, March 5, 2021

Another Great Oddball Set ...

 I have added another great oddball set to the collection...

The 1991 Topps Babe Ruth movie set!

Stephen Lang played Babe Ruth, Pete Rose played  Ty Cobb, and Rod Carew was the baseball consultant for the movie.

This aired on October 6th 1991 on NBC.

The Chronicles of Fuji blog had brought this set to my attention.  So I went to the place I know that carries a lot of different oddball sets/items, Fritsch Cards and they had it.

Now to try and find the movie some where.  Have not found it yet.  Let me know if anyone out there knows where to look.

Thanks for looking

Keep On Collecting !!


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  1. A lot of television movies never made it to video/DVD. There used to be a number of sites where you could buy bootleg copies, but the FCC passed a law that ended up shutting most of them down. Nowadays I think most folks use those torrent sites, but I don't really know anything about those, they're a bit beyond my computer comprehension.