Saturday, October 3, 2020

Oct 3 Card Show Pick Ups....

Went to my local card show today, and here is what I got....

For my Topps 1975 and 1976 set..

 '75 Rod Carew and '76 Mike Schmidt ---- both together came in under $5 !!!

For my Royals Collection ....

2018 Topps - MLB Independence Day U.S. Flag Manufactured Patch Relics

Salvador Perez coming in at $3...

And for the fun of it, I pulled this out of the $3 box as well...

2018 Topps Now Spring Training Shohei Ohtani print run 6842.  The dealer had a $60 sticker on it.

I also broke down and bought 6 packs of Topps 2020 series 2 at $4 each.....I haven't been able to find any at the stores, soooooo.

I did get the sought after card of .....

Luis Robert RC ...  maybe I can recoup some of my money from the packs?????

Not to bad of a card show day!!!

Have to give a shout out to Jon at A Penny Sleeve for your Thoughts for his Friday giveway a few weeks ago.  I was able to get in right away, and walked away with this beauty for my Packers collection...

 1954 Bowman Bill Howton !!!  Thanks again Jon!!

Also, if you haven't seen cynicalbuddhas Collector's Crack 10th annual Almost easiest World Series contest , go check it out before time expires.  

Thanks for Reading !

Keep On Collecting !!



  1. Curious about your show's turnout? I'm thinking that the attendance was up? And what about the prices overall, any increase?

    1. This monthly show usually has a great turn out. It's free to get in. I usually shop for the deals. Prices were high on the most sought after cards (and people were paying it). Overall prices not to bad.