Tuesday, February 11, 2014

2014 Pack Breaks / Card Show..

Well, I opened the hanger box and the three jumbo rack packs this past weekend.  I also HAD to get three HOBBY packs from the card show.  Not a bad way to start.  I don't think I'm to far from a complete base set.  Not many dupes. 

I did get a few of the parallel cards: Red (Target) / Green (Retail Rack Pack) / Yellow (Retail Hanger Box) / Red Hot Foil / Gold.

In addition I also got :

1989 Topps Mini Die Cut # TM39 Joe Morgan.

50 Years of the Draft #50YD5 Adrian Gonzalez

All Rookie Cup Team #RCT3 Joe Morgan

Super Vets  Pujols and Pettitte

The Future is Now (Love photography on this Set)

Upper Class

75th anniversary rookie buy back

SOLD on eBay!!!

Nothing really to exciting.

BUT..... I also pulled this...(which is pretty exciting for me since I rarely get any BIG pulls)

Yasiel Puig #331 Variation Future Stars.

(already sold it on ebay)

Now for a little card show action..

I was able to get the base cards of the Topps Rookie Trophy Cup, for my collection .

The football side of me had to pick up 3 different Eddie Lacy RC's.  (Go Packers!)

I also picked this beauty up for $10 .....

1952 Topps #31 Gus Zernial..

Has some staining going on, but the corners and the rest of the card are really nice !!!!!!!

In 1951 he lead the American League in HR (33) RBI (129) and Strike Outs (101).
Was an All Star in '53 and only Mantle hit more HR from '51-'57.
Check out more about Ozark Ike with Norma Jean and Joe DiMaggio.

Here is a interview between Gus and Chris Terrence..(30 min)



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