Friday, February 21, 2014

WOW !! A few FIRSTs ..

After 30 years, this is the FIRST time weather has prohibited me from making it into work.  The snow drifts across the driveway were higher than anticipated, and YES I got stuck!! Another FIRST.
I really got it wedged because it took a couple of hours to get it out. 
The highways are a mess!! They are ice covered and than 4 to 8 inch of snow on top of that.
Semis are jackknifed and people aren't getting up the inclines.  MN DOT, even at 1130am, are telling people to stay off the roads.  (like if anyone listens)
Maybe getting stuck in my driveway wasn't so bad.  At least I was home.  Even though Friday is my regular day off, I was going in on overtime.  RATS!! Lost overtime $$$$$$.

Now I get to write a blog entry, and try to update my webstore. 

I realized that I just past the FIRST anniversary of my blog.  WOW, were does the time go.
During this first year of blogging, I picked up 21 followers (hoping they haven't gotten bored).
I'm not the bestest (:ob) writer, but I try.
My objective: To help collectors expand their collections.  I had some great trades; some super buyers through my webstore, eBay, and just filling want lists.


I got my FIRST..

I did not know how much I would actually like these cards until I owned one.
Man, they are not going cheap.  Hopefully, over time, prices will come down, or get lucky to snag a few cheap. 

My FIRST ring..

I will be limiting my collection of these to just the HOFer's (for now).
Also have the Reggie Jackson one coming.

Even as I look outside at all the snow and blowing snow, things are starting to go right with the world once again.  BASEBALL IS BACK !!!
Spring training is underway... view some Dodgers action ( PUIG??)



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