Sunday, February 16, 2014

My Thoughts on 14's

Overall, I like the base set.  Photos are great.  Lots of action shots.
I do agree with most that the Future Stars card should not have used the silver foil, and should have been Star not Stars.
One thing I wish Topps would cut back on is all the PARALLEL issues (though I do like the yellow, like someone said it reminds me of the 91 Fleer).
I have seen many sets from Topps and I would rate this one a B+.

While flipping through the cards (looking for that darn sparkle)
I pulled a few cards that stood out to me....

Who's uniform is dirtier??  
I give this one to Pedroia due he has grass stains..

2 Future Hall of Famer's

McCann knows an out when he sees one.
Great play at the plate view.

Love the Old Style Uniforms
Anyone out there in Blog-os land an Indians fan?
Who is Lonnie Chisenhall???
According to the back of the card, he was rated in the top25 prospects in 2011
by Baseball America. 

Than there was this card. (I think someone else might have
commented on this one)
Is the grass at Wrigley Field that long???
What happen to Nate's right hand??
Take a closer look......

What was Topps doing with this one????

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