Monday, June 8, 2020

Mail from COMC....

I made my first purchase from COMC back on May23,2020.  They est delivery by Jun19,2020.  Package arrived today 8Jun,2020.   I will definitely use COMC again.

Here is what I got....

From the 2013 Topps Archives 1972 Basketball Design insert set.

Johnny Bench / Joe Morgan / Ozzie Smith / Reggie Jackson

I started putting this set together sometime in 2014, when I got my first card from a pack.
Prince Fielder was that card.  Since than, I would pick them up when I saw them at card shows.  I finally dwindled it down to my final 5 cards.  Since there hasn't been any shows lately, I looked through eBay, Sportlots, and COMC and found these 4 at the right price.

I only need 1 more to complete the set.
Waiting for the next card show!

Thanks for reading.

Keep On Collecting !!


  1. With it's wildly contrasting colors, Reggie's insert looks the closest to an actual '72 Topps basketball card.

  2. I haven't seen those before. I may have to put the Ted Williams on my wish list!