Wednesday, June 17, 2020


Well, my LOA from my real job is coming to an end sooner than I expected.  I was planning on being out until Aug1, but business is picking up and I now have to report Jul1.  Mixed emotions.  I liked being retired (knowing it was not going to last) but looking forward to going back.  Need to make some money for all the purchases I made while out.

This was my latest project 2020 purchase.  Why ---  notice the trophy cup!  Ichiro rookie cup was actually on his 2002 card...
2002 Topps #225 Ichiro Front

Now that makes 2 project 2020 cards with the cup, which was not on the original card.

The first was this McGwire card
Actual McGwire was his 1988 card
Keeps me on my toes on watching these cards (pieces of art) come out.

With the market down on these cards, for now, really keeping my eyes open for some deals.

The Baseball Card Room will become slower in completion, due to me going back to work.
It is getting closer.  Should still have it done by the end of July (fingers crosssed).

Thanks for reading.

Keep On Collecting !!


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  1. From what I've seen, it looks like there should be plenty of deals to be had on these for a bit, which is a good thing for those that like them.