Saturday, June 6, 2020

Topps Project 2020 part 2

I just bought card #103 Roberto Clemente

WOW!!  I really like this card.  It jumped right out at me.
Just like the Ted Willliams #90, they give me that old baseball card feeling.  Might be due to the players that are being used, but that is what I'm looking for in these cards.  Not all artist have done all cards yet, so I'll be watching.

The past cards that I wish I would have gotten, and will try to get are ...

#51  #45  #78 


And that would be based on the secondary market pricing.

Don't get me wrong, as I really started looking at this collection, they are all very cool.
Even my wife thinks there are cool.  She looked at the Baller Trout card (pix above) and wondered why he had wings.  I didn't notice it before, but advised her he plays for the Angels.

My sites are on what the future Brett cards will look like, and any others that catch my eye.

Thanks for reading.

Keep On Collecting !!


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